Which course is for you?

A guide to finding the right course



To help you choose the most suitable level of learning with colleagues of                                    similar ability, four levels of English and three of Portuguese have been                                         designed.

Two levels of conversation class are also available to increase your                                             confidence, encouraging you to put your growing knowledge into action.



Through a myriad of innovative activities, all lessons will include a 

varied selection of; reading, writing, listening, speaking, pronunciation, 

grammar, vocabulary, songs and poems, role-play, conversation .....                                             and so much more!



At the start of each course, all students will be given a full syllabus                                             showing each lesson's content during their 10 week course.



Each week there will be a free 'drop-in' social session for students                                               to meet informally. I will be there to assist if you need further                                             guidance on any topics we've covered during our lessons.





English Levels


Level 1

I understand a little English. I am nervous when I speak to people. I want to start at the beginning and be sure that I understand the important basics first.


Level 2

I have had English lessons in the past but I want to improve what I already know. I find it difficult to speak to people I have never met before. I need to learn more to do my job better.


Level 3

I understand and speak English quite well. I want to improve my skills so that I am more confident with people. Being able to speak more fluently will help me professionally and socially.


Level 4

My written and spoken English is good. I want to continue increasing my knowledge and experimenting with a more advanced level of language.


Conversation Level 1

I want to be confident in having conversations with people of a similar level to me and not feel nervous or intimidated when I'm with native speakers. I want my vocabulary to grow and my pronunciation to improve.


Conversation Level 2

I'm confident in speaking and understand people well but sometimes I'm limited in what I can say. I want to explore a wider vocabulary for my spoken English to be more fluent and interesting.




Portuguese Levels


Level 1

I have minimal/no knowledge of the Portuguese language.


Level 2

I have a limited knowledge of Portuguese. I want to revise what I know and increase my confidence in speaking and understanding whilst continually adding to my vocabulary and exploring new areas of grammar. I want to feel more comfortable with my pronunciation.


Level 3

My Portuguese is quite good. I want to practice what I know and use it with confidence and be able to converse whilst expanding my vocabulary and understanding of grammar more fully.




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