Nicola van der Veldt

As a Norwich born female, now back living in England having lived and taught in three European countries over a period of 12 years,  I now find myself back in the language classroom - a place where professionally, I feel most comfortable.


It's in the classroom that I've been able to demonstrate my naturally empathetic nature and respond to the position and needs of my students. Together over many years we travelled the exciting journey of learning English, resulting in us becoming speakers of the same language.


I understand the importance of making learning a fun, productive experience with the sense of achievement and progress after each and every lesson. My innovative ideas and methods keep lessons alive and pupils focussed.


Over the years many of my pupils have stayed with me for successive courses as they explored their English education. They've enjoyed and benefited from the great variety of classroom activities I create for them which stretches their minds and confidence.


Outside of teaching I am a mother and my partner and I keep fit, well and young at heart by working hard, eating healthily (... most of the time!), dancing and enjoying the good but simple things life has to offer.

My professional experience also includes hospitality, staff training and school administration.

    web:      email:     mobile: 07542 162585